447.500/R has a new Home!

In an expansion of the cooperative agreement between the Aurora Repeater Association and Rocky Mountain Ham Radio, the 447.500 repeater is now a few miles south of its original location at a site known as Critchell. At 8,400 feet it is not quite as high as the old Conifer Mountain site but it does enjoy coverage of the southern portion of the metro area. The repeater was placed on Critchell Monday Dec ember 29 by Steve KØIBM and Scott NØOWY. There was a flurry of activity as people who had been regular users of the machine found it lighting up their rigs in the scan mode. As we go forward we’ll learn more about the coverage that the machine will enjoy using the ARA’s configuration. Here is what the estimated coverage was before Rocky Mountain Ham Radio has relinquished their 447.225 pair back to the Colorado Council of Amateur Radio Club’s frequency pair pool at this time and is preparing to re-purpose the equipment that was at the site. The parameters of the 447.500 (-) repeater remain the same with a 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone.