March 2015 Squelch Tale Newsletter

Read all the latest happening from the Aurora Repeater Association

The Swapfest was February 8th
March 10, 2015
My thanks to each and every one of you for a job well done. We had a few minor glitches and a minor brush fire but all were overcome successfully. We also had some new ideas for access control, special thanks to RM Ham members Jeff KØJSC and Mike KØNGA for that new wrinkle at the south door. It will be added to the arsenal for 2016…
Club wise, the results were very good overall The Swapfest saw a good profit; ARA Member Bob Sterner KBØBS headed up successful club tables for the Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club and Steve KØIBM and Harry, who passed his test and is now KEØDEW, did the same with ARA’s large amount of “stuff”.
The 2016 Swapfest will be on Superbowl Sunday February 7, 2016 and the hall deposit has been rolled over and we’re on their calendar. For those who weren’t around for the last Superbowl swapfest, it didn’t hurt us at all… Everyone comes to the fest then heads home in plenty of time for the game.

Election Results 2015
March 10, 2015
The Aurora Repeater Association has elected the Board of Directors for 2015. Nominations for the positions of President, Vice President and Secretary-Treasurer were opened during the Wednesday night net on January 7th and closed on the net February 4th. The nominees were Steve KØIBM President, Royal WAØQFY Vice President and Wayne NØPOH Secretary/Treasurer. There were no contested offices and the they are you ARA club officers for 2015.

147.12/R has a Home!
March 10, 2015
The 147.12/R will be joining the 447.50/R at the Critchell site this spring. At 8,400 feet it is not quite as high as the old Conifer Mountain site but it does enjoy good coverage of the metro area. The equipment will be placed at the site as access permits. The parameters of the 147.120 (+) repeater remain the same with an 88.5 Hz CTCSS tone.

Cherry Creek Young Amateur Radio Club
CCYARC continues their net on the ARA linked Guy Hill repeaters every Sunday evening at 1930 hours, if you are around please feel free check-in.