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Rocky Mountain VHF+ Activities
Monday 7 PM local Colorado Front Range ARES SSB Net 144.220 MHz USB
Monday 8 PM local Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net 144.220 MHz USB
Tuesday 8 PM local 1.35 M Activity Night 222.1 MHz USB
Wednesday 8 PM local 70 cm Activity Night 432.1 MHz USB
Thursday 8 PM local 23 cm Activity Night 1296.1 MHz USB
Friday 8 PM local 33 cm Activity Night 902.1 MHz USB
Saturday 8 PM local 13 cm Activity Night 2304.1 MHz USB
Sunday 8 PM local 3 cm Activity Night 10,368.1 MHz USB

Beam Spinners VHF USB Activity Monday Thru Saturday 144.200

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More Local and regional events may be found at CQ Colorado

Wanted – Hams willing to help other hams with tower work – either gratis or for compensation. We’d like to form a referral list of those who are willing to help those who are in need! Contact Wayne N0POH 303-699-6335 or email

Area Ham Fest and Event Information

Pikes Peak Radio Amateur Association Inc. MEGAFEST

Lewis-Palmer High School, 1300 Higby Rd. Monument Doors Open at 7:30 AM

Contact: Go To
for more information

Denver Radio Club Hamfest

Jefferson County Fairgrounds 15200 West 6th Avenue Golden 8:30 AM – 1 PM
Table Cost: $12.00 Admission: $6.00

Contact:”>Contact: Kathy Villhauer N0CRZ 303-467-0223 Kathy Villhauer N0CRZ


  • For Sale: – HP/Agilent 8568B Spectrum Analyzer 100Hz to 1.5 GHz + 6GHz Signal/Tracking Generator In excellent working condition. Original CRT replaced with color LCD upgrade. Fan replaced with quiet model. Works great with free KE5FX software to make fast computer screen dumps (requires GPIB USB or Ethernet interface readily available on Ebay and other sources). Also includes DS Instruments TG6000 tracking generator and software. Tracking generator can also be used as an stand alone signal generator up to 6 GHz. Currently set up in my home lab in Aurora so you can come and try it out before buying. Surplus to my needs because I have several Sas and I am out of space. 8568Bs in good condition with LCD upgrade run $1500 plus shipping on Ebay. TG6000 is $719. Asking $1500 for spectrum analyzer and tracking generator.

Jim  – AC0XU (file date 05/23/2018)

Phone: D- 303-577-2616 E-303-873-9969 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – 43 ft aluminum vertical for sale. Not sure brand, possibly a zero five. was used and I never got to put it up. comes with fold over mounting plate, brackets and hardware as well as a unun. No ground radio plate. Asking $150
  • For Sale: – MFJ 2910 matching network for the 43 ft vertical to better match 160 meter and 80 meter.Almost New Condition Was new $350 – asking $250. – Never got to put it up either
  • Free: – 2 – UHF MVP mobiles (aprox 35 watts) -one crystalled for 441.000 and the other 446.775 – again previous use in data packet nodes.
  • For Sale: – Harris UHF mobile duplexor. Previously used for UHF packet and tuned to 441.000 and 446.775 to run to nodes on single antenna. Can be re-tuned for use on a repeater or ? Asking $100
  • Would consider delivery

Rex Ishmael – WD0AJG (file date 05/15/2018)

Phone: 405-377-5571 (Monument)


  • For Sale: – 5′ Buriable section Rohn 55 Tower

Wayne Heinen – N0POH (file date 04/15/2018)

Phone: 303-699-6335 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – MFJ-4225MV Mighty Lite Deluxe Adjustable Switching Power Supply. 25V surge, 22V constant. New never used $55.00 cash only
  • For Sale: – Hy-gain T-2X Ham Antenna Rotor (tail twister) completely reconditioned by Norm’s Rotor Service with Controller and 150 feet of 8 conductor rotor control cable. Very heavy duty rotor for large antennas. $500 cash only
  • For Sale: – Ameritron ATR-30 Antenna Tuner. This is a high power antenna tuner. Properly tuned, the ATR-30 safely operates on all bands with RF power levers of 3 kilowatts with load impedances from 34 to 500 ohms. The internal six position antenna-selector switch selects three coaxial outputs or a single wire line-balanced line output. Asking $350 cash only
  • For Sale: – MFJ-962D antenna tuner. Handles 1500 Watts PEP SSB amplifier input power (800 Watts PEP SSB amplifier output power). It’s perfect for Ameritron’s best selling 800 Watt AL-811H or 600 Watt AL-811 amplifiers! $225 cash

Jim McConnell – NE0DA (file date 04/08/2018)

Phone: 719 242-7354 (Pueblo West)


  • For Sale: – Yeasu FTDX-1200 S/N 51360086, with MD-100 Mic and SP-2000 Speaker. $750
  • For Sale: – Yeasu FT-991 ( Not FT-991A) $750
  • For Sale: – Yeasu FT-857D S/N 31700082 used as a Mobile with external speaker $550
  • For Sale: – Yeasu FL-7000, 3 Button, was purchased used and rehabbed.$800
  • This equipment is from the estate of Fred Crane WA0SIK a non-smoker. The radios are one owner with boxes, Mic’s, power cords and manuals. Prices are firm, no trades.

Dennis  – KK0Q (file date 04/05/2018)

Phone: 720-800-2055 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Knight Kit KG-220 30-50 mHz tunable FM monitor receiver [RARE]. This WILL receive the 29.6– mHz (10 meter) FM repeaters. Good tubes, realigned, clean, with manual $65
  • For Sale: – Heathkit PS-23 Power Supply. Powers nearly ALL Heathkit HF gear (and the Collins KWM-2). Works fine, with all voltages as “advertised” $85
  • For Sale: – For you Hallicrafters rebuilders and collectors brand new “steering wheel” knobs as used on the SX-28 and other models for Main Tuning and Bandspread, new in the box, $20 each plus any shipping that might be required;
  • For Sale: – Panel meters, have several and all are good, let me know what you’re seeking
  • For Sale: – Variable capacitors and other goodies too, several capacitors in my collection, let me know your needs
  • For Sale: – Drake AC-3 or AC-4 power supply, need it for a Drake TR-3, beauty not a requirement but function is!;

Tom “T. Carl” Dailey – W0EAJ (file date 03/26/2018)

Phone: 720-839-8014 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – SDR Play used twice New from HRO in February $220.00. Unit with $20 cord to hook to outside antenna. Is a spectrum analyzer…from 100 kHz to 2 gig… Watch it on utube…amazing machine $160

Bill Green – W0GVT (file date 03/10/2018)

Phone: 303-697-8571 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – TS-850sat, 6 mil serial number, Has the good DDS chips and caps from Kenwood, full output on all bands, DRU-2, hand mic, manual and power cord, looks good and works great. Asking $500 obo or trade, Looking for a Kenwood TS-570S or a Good HF amplifier.
  • For Sale: – Icom IC-2300H, 2 meter mobile, bought new in January, little use since new, box, all paperwork, manual on cd, missing mobile power cord. $150
  • For Sale: – Johnson Viking Messenger, converted to 10 meter am, works, $45
  • For Sale: – RME-84 general coverage receiver, needs full on restoration, $100

Steve Suedekum – KB0FSD (file date 03/05/2018)

Phone: 720-309-5518 (Metro)


  • Wanted: – Working Yeasu FL 2100 B HF Amp

Rich Miller – KB0QC (file date 02/25/2018)

Phone: 303-956-5791 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – “OAL Flat Halos” for 2 meter SSB operation, List $125, Usually available at most metro hamfests for $100.
  • For Sale: – UHF broad band (400 – 1400 MHz) preamps. The gain runs on the order of 25 dB with a 1.2 dB noise figure. $74.95

Dave Clingerman – W60AL (file date 02/25/2018)

Phone: 303-648-1255 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – AEA AT-300 Antenna Tuner, Power range 300 or 30 watts continuous 3.5MHz to 30MHz Power and SWR meter Forward and Reflected power meter With manual. AT-300 is very similar to the MFJ-949E $185.00

Ira Kalfus – K4WOU (file date 02/19/2018)

Phone: 303-353-2333 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Two HV Plate Transformers, Chicago Standard TR 1621, 5.4KV ea. If purchasing both, will throw in a choke. $200 Pickup Only

Tom  – W2CO (file date 02/04/2018)

Phone: 303-651-0367 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Hy-Gain AV-18HT – From an estate and Reasonably Priced
  • For Sale: – Ten-Tec Omni-VII – From an estate and Reasonably Priced

David Coombs – K0EUS (file date 01/24/2018)

Phone: 970-417-5802 (Delta CO)


  • For Sale: – Hy-Gain AV-18 Hy-Tower HF all band vertical with MK-160A 160m add on allows automatic switching from 80 to 160 meters. The trap disconnects the 160 meter wire from the Hy-Tower antenna when operating on 80-10 meters and allows the wire and tower to act as a quarter wave inverted-L on 160 meters.. Really new – never unpacked and still in the shipping crate. Too much project for me. $850
  • For Sale: – Ameritron RCS-4 4 position ant switch 1-30Mhz. New never out of the box. List $159. $125.
  • For Sale: – 90ft Andrew #84147 LDF5-50A 7/8in heliax with 5ft 1/2in LDF4-50A heliax pigtail, N connectors $125
  • For Sale: – 50ft 7/8in hardline, N connectors $60.
  • For Sale: – 70ft Andrew #84147 LDF5-50A 7/8in heliax, NO connectors $70
  • For Sale: – 40ft 7/8in hardline, N connectors $50.
  • For Sale: – 85ft Andrew #84147 LDF4-50A 1/2in heliax, NO connectors $75
  • For Sale: – 80ft Times Microwave #68999 (LMR400) 1/2in hardline, PL259 connectors $80
  • For Sale: – 70ft Wireman 4-4XL, (LMR400) 1/2in hardline, N connectors $70
  • For Sale: – 45ft Andrew #84147 LDF4-50A 1/2in heliax, N connectors $45
  • For Sale: – 40ft Wireman 4-4XL (LMR400) 1/2in hardline, N connectors $40
  • For Sale: – 35ft Andrew #84147 LDF4-50A 1/2in heliax, N connectors $35

Larry Lewis – K0RI (file date 01/04/2018)

Phone: 719-495-4899 No calls after 6PM please (Colorado Springs Black Forest)


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Wayne N0POH