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Rocky Mountain VHF+ Activities
Monday 7 PM local Colorado Front Range ARES SSB Net 144.220 MHz USB
Monday 8 PM local Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net 144.220 MHz USB
Tuesday 8 PM local 1.35 M Activity Night 222.1 MHz USB
Wednesday 8 PM local 70 cm Activity Night 432.1 MHz USB
Thursday 8 PM local 23 cm Activity Night 1296.1 MHz USB
Friday 8 PM local 33 cm Activity Night 902.1 MHz USB
Saturday 8 PM local 13 cm Activity Night 2304.1 MHz USB
Sunday 8 PM local 3 cm Activity Night 10,368.1 MHz USB

Beam Spinners VHF USB Activity Monday Thru Saturday 144.200 8 am Mountain time

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Area Ham Fest and Event Information

Rocky Mountain Ham Radio University

Cherry Creek Public Schools
Educational Support Facility
4700 South Yosemite Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Contact: Linking Repeaters (Jeff K0JSC & Willem AC0KQ) Linking repeaters together dramatically expands communications capabilities. This talk covers linking analog repeaters using VOIP technology such as AllStarLink, digital repeaters such as DMR and P25 using native protocols and mixed technologies like MMDVM, as well as bridging between different technologies. Class starts at 08:00 Sharp to Register Go to

All Levels VE Exam Session 9 AM

CCYARC & RMHR at the Instructional Support Facility 5416 S Riviera Way (North East Corner of S. Riviera Way and S Picadilly St) Centennial, CO 80015
Contact: VE Test contact Bob Sterner KB0BS 720-635-7930 If you will be attending this session please pre-register at


  • For Sale: – TNC-Pi mounts on a raspberry PI 2, 3 or 3B+ . Only tested it out $50 (shipped).
  • For Sale: – MFJ 2910 matching network for the 43 ft vertical to better match 160 meter and 80 meter. Almost New Condition Was new $350 – asking $250. – Never got to put it up either

Rex Ishmael – WD0AJG (file date 04/16/2019)

Phone: 405-269-2578 (Monument)


  • For Sale: – Alinco Dual Band DJ-V57 w/ EDC-146 AC battery wall charger & Pryme Spkrmic $50 OBO
  • For Sale: – 5′ Buriable section Rohn 55 Tower

Wayne Heinen – N0POH (file date 04/07/2019)

Phone: 303-699-6335 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Yaesu FT-726R with 50-54, 144-148, and 430-440 (three) modules. Satellite module installed. Factory box for the radio with the 144 module. Boxes for the 6 meter, 430-440 MHz, and satellite modules. Mic and power cord. New Asking $350.

Joe  – KE5SO (file date 04/04/2019)

Phone: (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Alinco DM-330MVT Power Supply My (Never Used) Shack Backup Power Supply.The PS is Mint and in the original box with cables and Instruction Sheet. All offers over $120 accepted. Specs: Input voltage: AC120VAC(MVT) / 220VAC(MVE), Output voltage : 5 to 15VDC variable, Output voltage variation: less than 2%, Protection: short-circuit, Automatic current limiting over 32A(MVT), 30A(MVE), over-temperature, Output current: MVT 32A(max), 30A(continuous) / MVE 30A(max), 25A(continuous)

Jan Dickover – WY0J (file date 03/26/2019)

Phone: 303-697-0725 (Metro)


    Contact Wayne N0POH Items being sold by RMHam & ARA for the family – Please make reasonable offers – Shack was operational

  • For Sale: – Astron RS-4 Power Supply
  • For Sale: – Pace SSB/AM CB
  • For Sale: – Yaesu FR 101 Receiver
  • For Sale: – Yaesu FL 101 Transmitter
  • For Sale: – Yaesu. 2100B Amplifier
  • For Sale: – Yaesu Landliner Phonepatch
  • For Sale: – Yaesu FT 221R 2m All Mode transceiver
  • For Sale: – Tempo 2020 SSB Transceiver
  • For Sale: – Kenwood TS-820 Transceiver
  • For Sale: – MFJ Model 941E Versa Tuner
  • For Sale: – Heathkit HD-1410 Keyer

Estate of Richard Pierce – KB0PUY (file date 03/24/2019)

Phone: 303-699-6335 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – BK Precision 2125A Dual Trace Oscilloscope 30Mhz $125
  • For Sale: – Velleman Personal Scope HPS10 – 10 MHz sampling $40
  • For Sale: – IFR station Monitor FM/AM-1000A The scope is blurred but all else works, $125 plus $93 Shipping if not picked up in Cheyenne.
  • For Sale: – The Motorola M1225 is a conventional radio available with the following, 4 channels UHF (450 474) frequencies. This radio is very durable and suitable for taxis, logistics, construction, public safety/works and similar applications. I have both M34DGC90E2AA and M44DGC90E2AA 10 + of each. Mikes and mounts until I run out or knock $10 off if they are not needed. Email for Specs Radios for $75 for $80 I will program to your specs Shipping around $15, can stick 2 in 1 box
  • For Sale: – TPL RF Amplifiers, input 5/10 watts output 75/100 watts, $50 each shipping $25
  • For Sale: – Simran THG-5000 Step Down Voltage Transformer 5000 Watts Converts 220 Volt to 110 Volts CE Certified, 5000W The device is Never used $50 Shipping around $80, It is heavy
  • For Sale: – The Model BMS-12-75 is a complete battery management system for installations, which already have a primary power supply. Smart Charging with Low Voltage Disconnect maintains battery protection by preventing battery failures caused by over-charging or excessively deep discharging. Dual Schottky diodes provide smooth transfer to battery power and seamlessly auto-revert back to the main AC powered source. The Smart Charger is designed to auto-charge and maintains Gelled electrolyte (Gel-Cell) and liquid electrolyte lead-acid 12 volt batteries from 60 to 120 Amp Hour. The charger is a constant current monitoring charger for the charging and maintenance of fixed location UPS, emergency lighting systems, and telecommunications battery backup systems. BMS for $100 Shipping around $25
  • For Sale: – The DPS-55 power Converter/Battery Charger converts 108-132 AC voltage to 13.6 DC voltage for both DC load operation and 12V battery charging. As a power supply, the DPS-55 will provide up to 55 amps to equipment designed to run on 12 Volt DC systems. DPS 55 for $75 Shipping around $17 DPS-75 for $100 Shipping around $25

Dave Billingsley – Page One (file date 03/03/2019)

Phone: (Cheyenne WY)


  • Free: – Anyone in the Denver area interested in a Kenwood PS30A power supply that NEEDS REBUILDING for the price of a cup of coffee and a sticky-gooey? I will absorb the $25 I paid for it at a hamfest; I guess I should have been a little bit wary, but I took him at his word that it worked. The PS outputs 15.3 VDC instead of 13.8 VDC. There is some rebuilding info online, but refurbishing a power supply for a QRO rig is not in my line of work, so I’ll make other plans for a future purchase of a 100W rig. So let me know, and we can meet pretty much anywhere in the Metro (as they call the Denver area these days on TV).

Dick Schneider – AB0CD (file date 02/27/2019)

Phone: 303-601-8932 (Metro)


  • Note: – Will the person who purchased my HBR-11 receiver please contact me. I fixed your VHF/UHF all-mode a long time back, but cannot find the tag (with name, call, phone, etc) to contact you.
  • For Sale: – Hallicrafters “steering wheel” knobs (newer type with webbing) new in packing from 1952, used on SX-28, SX-24, S-27, and many other models for Main Tuning and Bandspread, $20 each;
  • Sell or Trade: – Heathkit PS-23 power supply, powers lots of Heath gear, not recapped but works great, $80, best offer, or trade; Whaddya got?

Tom “T. Carl” Dailey – W0EAJ (file date 02/24/2019)

Phone: 720-839-8014 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – IC-2300 – Icom 2m FM mobile transceiver with 65 W output power, simple-to-use user interface and CTCSS and DTCS encoder/decoders. Includes RT Systems programming software and cable, mic, mobile mount, power cord and original box. $125
  • For Sale: – ICE HF Bandpass Filter inter band decoder – Model 419A covers 160-10m manual or auto-switching modes. Power rating 200w ICS. $150
  • For Sale: – Hy-Gain AV-18 Hy-Tower HF all band vertical with MK-160A 160m add on allows automatic switching from 80 to 160 meters. The trap disconnects the 160 meter wire from the Hy-Tower antenna when operating on 80-10 meters and allows the wire and tower to act as a quarter wave inverted-L on 160 meters. Really new – never unpacked and still in the shipping crate. Too much project for me. $850

Larry Lewis – K0RI (file date 02/24/2019)

Phone: 719-495-4899 No calls after 6PM please (Colorado Springs Black Forest)


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Wayne N0POH