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Rocky Mountain VHF+ Activities
Monday 7 PM local Colorado Front Range ARES SSB Net 144.220 MHz USB
Monday 8 PM local Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net 144.220 MHz USB
Tuesday 8 PM local 1.35 M Activity Night 222.1 MHz USB
Wednesday 8 PM local 70 cm Activity Night 432.1 MHz USB
Thursday 8 PM local 23 cm Activity Night 1296.1 MHz USB
Friday 8 PM local 33 cm Activity Night 902.1 MHz USB
Saturday 8 PM local 13 cm Activity Night 2304.1 MHz USB
Sunday 8 PM local 3 cm Activity Night 10,368.1 MHz USB

Beam Spinners VHF USB Activity Monday Thru Saturday 144.200 8 am Mountain time

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  • For Sale: – Rohn 25G Three 10 ft sections plus top section w/rotor plate, includes ground mount, base plate and adjustable house bracket. Package deal only. $175.00.
  • For Sale: – ICE 419A Bandpass Filter 6 position (160-10m) bandpass filter. Band selection from the front panel or automatically via 8 pin DIN plug on rear. Power rating 200W ICS/100W CW. See reviews. $100.00.
  • For Sale: – Top Ten Devices DX Doubler DXD SO2R Controller Excellent condition. Never used. Have Icom interface cables (If I can find them). $100.00.
  • For Sale: – Hy-Gain AV-18 Hy-Tower HF all band vertical with MK-160A 160m add on allows automatic switching from 80 to 160 meters. The trap disconnects the 160 meter wire from the Hy-Tower antenna when operating on 80-10 meters and allows the wire and tower to act as a quarter wave inverted-L on 160 meters.. Really new – never unpacked and still in the shipping crate. $700

Larry Lewis – K0RI (file date 05/28/2019)

Phone: 719-495-4899 No calls after 6PM please (Colorado Springs Black Forest)


    Contact Wayne N0POH Items being sold by RMHam & ARA for the family – Please make reasonable offers – Shack was operational

  • For Sale: – Astron RS-4 Power Supply
  • For Sale: – Yaesu FR 101 Receiver
  • For Sale: – Yaesu FL 101 Transmitter
  • For Sale: – Yaesu. 2100B Amplifier
  • For Sale: – Yaesu Landliner Phonepatch
  • For Sale: – Tempo 2020 SSB Transceiver
  • For Sale: – Kenwood TS-820 Transceiver
  • For Sale: – MFJ Model 941E Versa Tuner
  • For Sale: – Heathkit HD-1410 Keyer

Estate of Richard Pierce – KB0PUY (file date 05/18/2019)

Phone: 303-699-6335 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Astron RS-50M, 50 amp, 13.5 Vdc power supply, $145
  • For Sale: – Collins KWM-2 HF Transceiver, Excellent condition, recently updated & aligned, $750
  • For Sale: – Icom IC-751A, 100 watt HF Transceiver, 160-10 meters, with general coverage receiver. $425
  • For Sale: – Icom IC-471H, 430-450 Mhz, 75 watt, SSB-FM-CW (multi-mode), $355
  • For Sale: – Cushcraft AV-3 (20-15-10) meter vertical, with tuning control box, $55
  • For Sale: – Communications Electronic Specialties (CES) Model 510SA Smart Patch (Simplex Phone Patch), $55
  • For Sale: – Vintage Heathkit Model AM-2 Reflected Power & SWR Bridge, Good Condition, $25
  • For Sale: – Kenwood TS-820S, HF Transceiver. Slightly damaged (bent) tuning control shaft. Good physical condition. Worked great prior to tuning shaft getting bent. AS IS $125
  • For Sale: – Icom IC-37A, Sn# 04517, 220Mhz FM Transceiver, 9 channels, 25 watts transmit, receives ok, Squelch intermittent. $35. With microphone & mobile mount
  • For Sale: – Icom IC-37A, Sn# 05916, 220Mhz FM Transceiver, 9 channels, 25 watts transmit, receives ok, Volume control inop. $35 With microphone & mobile mount
  • For Sale: – Icom IC-27H, 45 watt (when working) 2 meter FM Transceiver, No Dial Readout, No Receive noise, No output. Tech Special. $15. With microphone & mobile mount & manual
  • More Information/pictures available on request

Myron Babcock – KL7YY (file date 05/09/2019)

Phone: 907-347-5330 (Colorado Springs)


  • For Sale: – MFJ 2910 matching network for the 43 ft vertical to better match 160 meter and 80 meter. Almost New Condition Was new $350 – asking $250. – Never got to put it up either

Rex Ishmael – WD0AJG (file date 04/28/2019)

Phone: 405-269-2578 (Monument)


  • For Sale: – Drake TR-7, Desk Mic, Hand Mic includes PS-7 Power Supply MN-2700 Tuner Operator & Service Manuals – Make Offer
  • For Sale: – Alinco Dual Band DJ-V57 w/ EDC-146 AC battery wall charger & Pryme Spkrmic $50 OBO
  • For Sale: – 5′ Buriable section Rohn 55 Tower

Wayne Heinen – N0POH (file date 04/27/2019)

Phone: 303-699-6335 (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Cushcraft A3S, 3 element triband beam 10-15-20M, 8 dB gain, 25 dB F/B all on a short 14 foot boom, Great condition, Ready to go! $350
  • For Sale: – Heathkit DX-100, $100
  • For Sale: – Hallicrafters HT-32A $150
  • Wanted: – 8875 tubes (as used in Dentron MLA2500)

Dan Magro – W7RF (file date 04/25/2019)

Phone: 970 295-4200 (Ft Collins)


  • For Sale: – Yaesu FT-726R with 50-54, 144-148, and 430-440 (three) modules. Satellite module installed. Factory box for the radio with the 144 module. Boxes for the 6 meter, 430-440 MHz, and satellite modules. Mic and power cord. New Asking $350.

Joe  – KE5SO (file date 04/04/2019)

Phone: (Metro)


  • For Sale: – Alinco DM-330MVT Power Supply My (Never Used) Shack Backup Power Supply.The PS is Mint and in the original box with cables and Instruction Sheet. All offers over $120 accepted. Specs: Input voltage: AC120VAC(MVT) / 220VAC(MVE), Output voltage : 5 to 15VDC variable, Output voltage variation: less than 2%, Protection: short-circuit, Automatic current limiting over 32A(MVT), 30A(MVE), over-temperature, Output current: MVT 32A(max), 30A(continuous) / MVE 30A(max), 25A(continuous)

Jan Dickover – WY0J (file date 03/26/2019)

Phone: 303-697-0725 (Metro)


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All Items must be Amateur or Amateur related. Please feel free to list prices.

Wayne N0POH